Zhila Salahshour


Zhila is the proud new owner of the Jade Apple. She was introduced to yoga and its teachings after her family was struck with the experience of cancer. Throughout this process, She came to understand that the yoga -philosophy was harmonious with her findings that the psychological self, helps to create physiological “disease” or “health” in our body. As the Sanskrit word “yoga” meaning to join, and to unite indicates, her vision for starting the new Jade Apple is to create a space to heal the heart in joining the mind for creating a life worth living. A life that promotes creativity, and serves the inner-self without judgements and blocks of our mind.Her inner journey took her to writing poetry, that helped her realize the effects of creativity in blossoming our heart, and the lack of it in the dis-ease of our physical body

She plans to revolve the mission of the new Jade apple around those findings.

Bethany Liles

Yoga instructor

Bethany’s path to yoga started several years ago with a free class, after the third class she knew she was hooked. Her yoga practice has helped her cultivate a balance of peace and strength. She completed her teacher training at The Triad Yoga Institute in Greensboro NC in 2004-2005 and is an ERYT-200. She believes yoga is accessible to everyone regardless of limitations. She has taught kids, seniors, and all ages in between. Her preferred style is Hatha yoga with an Iyengar influence. She hopes to share her love and knowledge of yoga with everyone she meets and encourages her students to practice with an open heart and a sense of humor.

One of her favorite things is seeing people smile after savasana.

Colin Wolpert

Yoga instructor

Colin teaches from a place of love, gratitude and compassion. He reminds us that living our ‘now-life’ is about being present in this moment and that dwelling in the past or speculating on the future doesn’t serve anyone. With first hand experience, Colin knows that healing from pain, suffering and ‘dis-ease’, is unequivocally possible through yoga. Classes cater to all levels and are joyously active, empowering and filled with conscious breath. Colin is a 500hr teacher trainer with certifications in hatha, vinyasa, restorative, yin and prenatal. His book, ‘Your Feet Face Forward” is available internationally.


Dania Gottschalk

Yoga Instructor

Dania found yoga at a young age and is grateful to have had it as her compass ever since. She believes yoga allows us to bring more openness into our lives —opening up our body and our mind to be fully present for every moment of our life’s unfolding. Dania teaches to share this unparalleled gift and reminds her students that through practicing asana, the yoga poses, we have the ability to see how we react to everything by seeing our reactions on the mat. Over time, we learn to soften and stay in the pose and through this practice connect to our inner strength and our unbreakable spirit. Dania loves that yoga not only centers and makes us more flexible in the face of life’s challenges, but that it is also a tool we can call upon anytime, a reserve we are creating for a more peaceful, balanced, and present life.

Dania is a 500 Hour RTY and is so grateful for her many teachers and the lineage of yoga. Her goal is to offer insight and transformation through yoga on both the personal and communal levels. Dania founded Be A Light LA Yoga Fundraisers to connect yoga students and studios in support of yoga nonprofits throughout Los Angeles.

Glo Hawa

Yoga Instructor

Intrigued with the practice, Glo was introduced to yoga several years ago. She started practicing with the intent to get fit, but a few months into it, she realized that yoga wasn’t just about getting a work out, but more about developing a powerful, personal relationship between the body and mind.

Living a more balanced, peaceful life, Glo developed a fascination for the impact that yoga has had on her. As a result, Glo joined our 200 Hour Teacher Training Program in 2014 with Trevor Throop and has been teaching ever since.

Glo believes in taking the self-awareness aspect yoga helps cultivate and interweaving it beyond the mat. Offering a high energy, lively, alignment-based vinyasa flow, Glo’s classes are just as challenging as they are fun and light-hearted.

Heathor Kulber

Yoga Instructor

Heathor discovered yoga about 15 years ago, looking for relief from the neck and shoulder pain caused by an accident and excaberated by her stressful job as a graphic designer. After taking a course in Kundalini Yoga at Pierce College (which was the equivalent of being a non-swimmer getting thrown into the deep end of the pool) she sought further enlightenment with various teachers of many modalities before finally deciding to take Teacher Training in 2007. Since then, she has taught Spin/Yoga combo classes, mixed level flows, Hatha, Yin, and Restorative. With her special mix of humor, knowledge, playfulness, and modifications, she aims to make everyone feel comfortable and included. All her classes are accompanied by carefully crafted music playlists, illuminating the yogic theme of the class and allowing students to relax to familiar sounds from the 60’s to the present. Her experience with neck and shoulder pain informs her teaching, and she will help you find relief and freedom from pain – and probably make you laugh in the process!

Jamie Weiss Yoga Instructor at Jade Apple Yoga

Jamie Weiss

Yoga Instructor

Originally from Brooklyn, Jamie started practicing Bikram yoga in a stinky little studio in Times Square in 2001. She was drawn to the practice almost instantly. After a lifetime in the performing Arts and years of resisting the call to become a yoga teacher, it was during a hot yoga class she heard a teacher say, “You lose so many things with age and yoga gives you something to move towards. You can be 75 years old and have a stronger practice than the person standing next to you who is half your age.” It was in that very moment she knew her path was yoga. A lifetime seeker of personal growth and consciousness, yoga gave her the ability to dive head first into her “Self” and develop an intimate life changing relationship from within. She proceeded to complete her 200 and 300-hour teacher trainings becoming a very grateful 500-hour certified teacher. Currently an MSW candidate in the field of Forensic Social Work, Jamie teaches yoga part-time around Los Angeles with the hope of bringing mindfulness and yoga deeper into the social justice system. She believes that yoga can change the way we feel about ourselves and that through self-love we may one day just change the world.

Marti Maley

Yoga Instructor

Born and raised in Eagle River, Alaska, Marti is a certified Yoga Teacher and Reiki Practitioner. Having  been in love with yoga since childhood, Marti didn’t realize the true power of the practice until a few summers ago, when she moved to LA from New York City. Marti quickly discovered how alienating and jarring a city like LA can be, and found herself turning to yoga more than ever before. She also discovered the unique power of Reiki, a Japanese technique that promotes healing and relaxation, which changed her life. Marti quickly became attuned to be a Reiki Practitioner, and started incorporating hands-on healing in her Yoga. Marti’s specialty is working one-one-one with clients, where she introduces them to her unique blend of Meditation, Yoga, and Reiki, all with the intention of healing the soul, and awakening the light within. Along with being a Healer, Marti is also a trained actor who believes passionately in being present, focused, and living in the now. Yoga isn’t just bending, twisting, and tightening. Yoga is giving yourself the gift to allow yourself to just breathe, and be. To surrender into harmony with yourself and the universe in and around you. Yoga is what brings us together, while at the same time reminding us of how beautiful and unique each of us are. A passionate and empathetic teacher, Marti strives to create a comfortable, safe environment for her students so that they can discover their true potential as yogis, and more importantly, as a human beings.




Salette Corpuz

Yoga Instructor

Salette recently completed the Jade Apple Yoga RYT200 Teacher Training Program. Having also studied Pa Kua Tai Chi and Sintonia Salette has developed her personal practice over the past 7 years.
Also level 2 credentialed in the Usui Method Reiki Salette is filled with joy and gratitude to share the practice of wellness with those who come to her class. “When we teach we learn and when we learn we grow.” She says.


Santosh Kaur Khalsa

Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Santosh is a IKYTA certified Kundalini Yoga instructor. Twelve years ago she walked into her first Kundalini Yoga class and was transformed forever. Through the practice of this ancient yogic technology she was able to heal and elevate all aspects of her life, and it was this profound experience that inspired her to become a teacher.

Santosh’s classes incorporate posture, breath, mantra, meditation, and the powerful vibration of the Gong, allowing students to develop their meditative mind and have an expanded experience of health and happiness.

Michelle Christian Corp

Yoga Instructor

Michelle first stumbled onto a yoga mat in 2003 at a Yoga School in NYC at the suggestion of a friend. She was profoundly changed by the experience. The philosophy, chanting, asanas, and meditation brought her closer to her ‘self’ than she’d ever experienced. Michelle’s yoga journey led to exploration of many styles: Ashtanga, Bikram, Jivamukti, Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Sattva, and Shadow Yoga.Her trainings took her across the country and around the world to the ‘Yoga Capital’ of Rishikesh, India where she completed the first Warriors of Wisdom Training with the Sattva Family. In 2015 she received her RYT-200hr Teacher Training. In 2016, Michelle proudly completed the Primal Yoga Flow Teacher Training with founder.Michelle draws upon her 13 years of experience to weave together playful dynamic classes that focus on breath, alignment, and the flow of energy (Qi).

Monica Ferroe

Yoga Instructor

Monica is 500 hour yoga alliance certified Teacher. Her path to yoga began in college when a friend invited her to an Iyengar class. Her initial impression of yoga was that it was a bit quiet and boring, but kept going back because she truly enjoyed the savasana at the end. As she gained strength and breath awareness, her yoga practice blossomed. Years went by and occasionally yoga would fade from her life, but she found herself always returning to yoga especially when something in her body ached. As a professional artist painting large murals, she had recurring back and neck pain as well as respiratory issues related to exposure to various chemicals. Monica realized that her back pain and respiratory problems subsided when yoga was part of her weekly routine. She started practicing twice weekly, and now has a daily yoga practice which keeps her increasingly stronger and more flexible. She specializes in modifications for beginners and challenging variations for more experienced yogis. Her style is a mix of Iyengar with Vinyasa flow resulting in safe and stabilized flexibility.

Luis Asana

Lewis Victor

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Lewis stumbled into yoga desperately in need of positive change in his wild and unfocused life. Lewis says, “Through yoga, I became more physically aware and mentally grounded; which all led to a new sense of peace, contentment, control, and reserve in all regards.” In the Summer of 2000, he found Moksha Yoga Center in Chicago where he diligently studied with master teachers, which eventually led to the completion of Moksha’s 200 hour CYT Teacher Training Program under the leadership of Daren Friesen in 2006.  Once he completed the training, Daren took on Lewis as his personal assistant and apprentice; touring across the country for workshops and intensives and helping Daren train new teachers at Moksha for the next 3 years.  Lewis went on to become a top teacher at various Chicago studios before relocating to Los Angeles in 2009, where he continued to do the same.
Lewis is a strong believer of mind before body. His classes initially focus on the balance of one’s breath, alignment, energy, and concentration while engaging in a satisfyingly complete yoga experience.





RYT 500 + REIKI MASTER + SOUND HEALING + AYURVEDIC LIFESTYLE COUNSELING La Mer is a healer, songstress and storyteller from Los Angeles Earth. Her work centers around powerful rituals of union with soulful nature. A certified Prana Vinyasa teacher and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant with over 10 years of experience in the healing and performing arts, Mer honors the ancient wisdom of eastern philosophies while allowing her sensitive and playful essence to guide the experience 🙂 Her style lyrically integrates an intuitive blend of movement, hands on healing, reiki, sound therapy, essential oils, crystals, yoga, and other meditative practices. Aside from her creative contributions, Mer supports ocean conservation with beach clean ups and as an advocate for Mission Blue, an organization dedicated to hope spots, global marine protected areas large enough to save and restore the ocean. La Mer’s main project, In Waves, is a creatively inspired sound healing experience combining original music, live field recordings, crystal singing bowls, gongs, chimes, drum, and medicine melodies.